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The Monroeville Foundation is a Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation that was established in 2004. It serves the interests of residents, community groups and organizations, government, businesses and other institutions within the boundaries of the Municipality of Monroeville, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Our foremost considerations are consistent with lessening the burden of the local government when funding requests are brought to our attention. Upon establishing the type of community request appropriate for a charitable cause, and assuming the available funding, the Foundation has –

  • Organized and secured naming rights for signage/markings to areas of the Monroeville Community Park West. These name recognitions range from placing signage on behalf of individuals or organizations on numerous park benches to amphitheater stage, playground, tennis court, basketball courts and park views. A descriptive brochure on this program is available to interested parties with various levels of naming right fee schedules.
  • The Foundation donates on behalf of requesting groups through a donation request application. This allows friends and neighbors funding to beautify a neighborhood project.
  • Community Food Pantry funding – The Foundation has donated to local food pantries as part of the yearly budget since inception. We depend on donations from the community to help sustain this goal.
  • Food Pantry Volunteer Garden Project – Established in 2010 received the initial seed money to enable self-funding of a beautiful organic garden. Sustainable Monroeville, who meets at the library initiated the permaculture design. Lois Drumheller has continued managing the garden with its volunteers after tenure of serving municipal council. The Food Pantries receive all produce. This has encouraged sustained funding encouraged by the Foundation. The Food Pantry Garden, which is located behind Monroeville’s Public Library, harvests 500 pounds of organic produce that have supplemented four (4) local food pantries since 2011. The garden is tended through volunteerism. Continual recruitment of volunteers is crucial for it’s continued funding.

Our Purpose

  • To lessen the burden of the local government by becoming the catalyst for various community programs, projects and activities that will enhance the image of the Municipality of Monroeville.
  • To organize and build consensus among local organizations and individuals with an interest in the well being of their homes and neighborhoods by encouraging active participation in efforts that make the Municipality of Monroeville and exciting place to live.
  • To solicit and accept funds from persons, trusts, associations, foundations, corporations, government agencies and other entities for ongoing civic projects. As outlines by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (or any corresponding provisions of any future United States internal revenue law). No substantial part of Foundation activities shall include the attempt to influence legislation or participate in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.
  • To assist in development of plans, studies, and standards for public improvements.
  • To be responsible in the administration and distribution of the funds in a manner consistent with the goals and objectives stated in these bylaws.
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